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Flat No 502, Above R.s. Brothers, Ameerpet, Hyderabad, India - 500016

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About Anil Nair Classes in Flat No 502, Above R.s. Brothers, Ameerpet, Hyderabad

A young budding entrepreneur, a team leader, an employee, a Teacher,A researcher and in search of bringing a change in education system from grassroots

My initial years
Since my father was working in coal mines, I did my schooling from singareni colleries school. After doing my engineering from osmania university in hyderabad, I went through a period of uncertainity in my life. I was not too sure what I wanted to do in life.

My infosys days .

I didn't really enjoy coding or didn't quite like the `Infosian circuit so-to-speak.

Once I decided to leave infosys, I sat down to ask myself:

What is that one thing where my heart lay?

What is that one thing that I would be ready to do even at 3 am on a chilly morning without money ... morning after morning, every morning, day-after-day, month-after-month, year-after-year, 16-hours-a-day and would absolutely LOVE it?

What is that one thing for which my heart could skip a beat?

What is that one thing that would never give me those "Monday Morning Blues"?

What is that one thing that I would LOVE doing all my life?

What is that one thing that could be converted from being a hobby to being a profession, so that I would never feel like "working" (UGH!!) ever?

What is that one thing that would curl me from within each time I thought of doing it?

What is that one thing where I could utilize all my skills, talent, and passion, and make a huge difference?

So many incidents left me with a lot of questions, but no answers. What is the use of an education system if it does not teach you how to live life? We teach science but do we teach the science of living? We teach history, but don’t teach how to create history.

But somewhere along with the way, I figured out that I had a very strong connection with Teaching. I had a strong desire to be the best teacher the world has ever seen

What defines me (Anil Nair) as an individual:

I believe in IMPACT - every action, everything I say or do should create an IMPACT.

I have extremely strong and unconventional convictions. My belief system is unshakable.

I HAVE to be the best in the world in teaching. IT HAS TO BE EXCELLENCE at whatever I do. I don't feel I am easily replaceable.

I wish to be in the top 0.1% in my profession. I am not a faceless commoner.

I am truly, madly, insanely, passionately in love with whatever I do. I don't have any blues (Monday Morning or otherwise). My hobby is my profession ( every class I take has my SIGNATURE creation). For the last 4 years, I have not done anything that I didn't want to do under educational space Not even for five minutes.

I am creative. I am driven by the ability to be creative in every single thing I do under educational space. I cannot exist 5 minutes in any job / profession that does not let me think out of the box.

I give myself completely to every task I do; if I take up a task, I live, talk, breathe my task until I am completely satisfied.

I am fully (personally, emotionally, and intellectually) invested in the task at hand. This is because I need to be the best teacher in the world and nothing half-way will do.

I have an exceptional risk appetite. The restlessness to beat myself just doesn't die.I quite my job in Infosys to pursue what I am passionate about i.e enabling students to make their dreams come true.

I invest a lot of time on reading and observing . A huge reason for my success is the fact that I am well-read. I am addicted to reading. I will read anything: newspapers, books, pamphlets, bus tickets. Anything! To me, reading is the one way I understand my environment, the people around me, their opinions, and their ideas. I have to read something new everyday..

I am a very quick decision maker /Emotional at times and am also someone who has nothing to do with either the good or the bad past.

I can very quickly forget the bad past as if it never happened. I can easily look ahead. I have never taken even 5 minutes to take various decisions in life.

I believe in education. I think education will be the messiah to change, no just in this country but across the world; not just academic education but education in its truest sense: meaning, self-awareness, empathy ..

. If I could choose to do just one thing for the rest of life, I would love to educate.

I REFUSE to follow set patterns and conventions. I believe that there is atleast one undiscovered way to solve every problem no matter how big or small and I want to be the person to find that way.

I believe in my gut. I have done crazy and outrageous things simply because they have felt right. If I feel even the smallest bit of doubtabout anything, I won't do it no matter how good it looks/seems/sounds. Most of the times this has worked and sometimes it has bombed. But I have not, even for a second, regretted any of my decisions.

I compete only with myself. I love to raise the bar in whatever I do. Not with the whole world - be it personal or professional life.

I don't want to be better than my competition: I just want to be better than my current self.

I believe money should be an offshoot of whatever you do and not a driver.

I believe the greatest power you can have is to influence someone. If you are able to influence people and convince them of your ideas, you have achieved much more than you would have with a large salary...

My Philosophy towards Life :

To be peaceful, be slow to judge and quick to forgive. Express gratitude, but do not expect gratitude. Receive gracefully and give gleefully. What you expect from others, first expect from yourself. Be dependable and not dependent. Be expressive with your love. Be demonstrative with your happiness. Rejoice the unpredictability of life.Bring some selflessness into your life. Serve in some capacity, some cause, expecting nothing in return. Be a multi-role wonder by bringing balance into your life.When people ask me what really changed my life four years ago, I tell them that absolutely the most important thing was changing what I demanded of myself. I wrote down all the things I would no longer accept in my life, all the things I would no longer tolerate, and all the things that I aspired to becoming --." Passion is the genesis of genius.”

My Philosophy towards Work :

To be peaceful, We must celebrate work. Hold the sanctity of work above everything, and everything else will flow into your life as natural byproducts. It is a true story that Dave Anderson and Jim Murphy joined American Railways on the same day. Twenty years later, Dave was still doing the same job but Jim became the Chairman of Railways. Dave said, “I came to work for $1.75 an hour; Jim came to work for American Railways. That made all the difference.” Work is your only salvation. Work is the only way to progress. Nothing develops man like work does. Work must be the primary form of worship.

One of the greatest joys I learnt in my life is to live life as a man above men, and yet walk as a man among men ......

Anil Nair
(Excited to be a Teacher )

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