Shebabroti Bangla O Bangali

Shebabroti Bangla O Bangali

3090 9 Community Organization

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Kol,W.B, Kolkata, India - 712246 ,700124

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About Shebabroti Bangla O Bangali in Kol,W.B, Kolkata


বাংলা O বাঙালী came into existence on December 4,2009 and it is one of the most active and vibrant group of virtual world which reflects the image of bangaliana as well as we consider it a strong medium of integration for all of us who have greatly contributed to its growth and this group has always been attracting people from the time it was started till now and some had even taken the initiative to join us hand to hand to make this more stronger.
First it was one of our friend who thought to start this group rather purposelessly and gradually we, some sheer number of people joined this ,and we only used it as our idea of fun and for staying in touch with the others through our virtual world.We used to meet, go for picnics but it was only for enjoyment actually we didnt have any aim . After some years of our integration which was only meant for fun changed its path and as our minds were adversely affected by the poverty ,and the pain of the physically challenged people and we thought to utilize our integration to serve the needs of the challenged,the impoverished and the needy.So we can call 2011 as a new beginning because this was when our group which existed in the virtual world now paved the way and reached the field of reality and turned out to be very helpful for the people we worked for and Bangla o Bangali s rebirth also made us recognise our real aim which was to serve the needy..And now we were finally able to make the world recognise ourselves for our social work.

It is on the basis of the herculean efforts of our esteemed members and co-peration of our young mass that we are in position today and have been able to inspire the confidence of all people as truely committed to the service to the service of people.
Bangla O Bangali has done many service projects during a short span of time without receiving any financial grants from any orgnisation or any grants from any government aids. it had worked selflessly for the needy and downtrodden people.Hope ,in the upcoming days,our group will serve more and more services for the less fortunate and will leave a signature in the history of virtual to real world.
Friends,though we have worked hard,but it goes without saying that there is much more left to be done if we need to fulfill the noble objectives with which our group was founded.
We cannot resist quoting of "Pt Jawaharlal Nehru when he said in his famous speech on 15TH AUGUST 1947,referring to Mahatme Gandhi-The ambition of the greatest man of our generation has wiped out every tear from every eye that may be beyond us,but as long as there are tears and suffering,so long our work will not be over".
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Bangla O Bangalis SONG
আমরা বাঙ্গালী, বাঙলা মোদের ভাষা;
বাঙলা মোদের জন্মভূমি, বাঙলা মোদের বাসা।
এই বাঙলার সকল বাসী আমার মনের আপন;
বাঙলা মায়ের সন্তান মোরা, শক্ত মোদের হ্রদয় বাধঁন।
বন্ধুত্য আর ভালোবাসায় থাকবো মোরা ঘিরে;
সোনায় মোরা এই বাঙলায় আসবো বারে ফিরে।
●========================== ●

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