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About CPT Tutors - ICAI in 68, Ballygunge Circular Road, Kolkata

Tutors Circle is a creatively engineered platform for CA CPT students that puts you in complete control of how you choose to pursue your exam preparations. Your success will be dependent upon your persistence and creative development efforts.

The platform is developed keeping in mind that students should be able to Learn, Understand and Apply theories as they test.

We’ve been fortunate to have a dedicated team of highly experienced teachers and reviewers to help us in the development of this project. The panel of teachers has carefully equated the factor of fear in a student’s mind combined with the parent’s expectations especially in India. This fear is generally driven mostly on account of ignorance, unavailability of proper study material and proper direction.

Majority of a student’s time is spent in travelling to various tuition centres topped with high costs. We want the students to shred the fear of not being able to understand a topic or subject. These factors actually led us to create a web application reflecting a more state of the art sequence of teaching CA CPT . The database shall be regularly updated with more and much better questions.

We are proud to say that today no other site in the country fosters a more comprehensive approach to learning. No other site offers a simpler and detailed explanation to questions.


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