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Juhu Beach

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vile parle west, Mumbai, India - 400049

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About Juhu Beach in vile parle west, Mumbai

Juhu Beach
Location of Juhu Beach :
Juhu beach lies 25 km north of the metropolitan city of Mumbai in India. It is also located on the shores of Arabian sea. You can plan out holidays at the Juhu beach at any time of the year. Juhu beach is the most sought after destination for the shooting films. It is one of the largest beach in India.

History :
The exotic beaches of Juhu have attracted the prominent people of Mumbai for centuries. In the 1930's Juhu's airstrip used to be the Bombay's International Airport. In1890, Jamsetji Tata purchased the land over there and built the magnificent bungalow. The luxurious surrounding of Juhu beach is the is the favourite hangout for the many glamorous celebrities in Mumbai. Even the Britishers had already converted this area into a hub of pleasure seekers of the dreary city life.

Climate :
Juhu beach enjoys the uniform climate throughout the year. It is never too cold or never too hot. It is somewhat humid all through the year. In summers the maximum temperature reaches the 35°C and the minimum temperature is 25°C. The weather is pleasant in the winters. Monsoons rests from mid June to September, when it rains quite heavily.

Food :
There are array eating joints at the Juhu beach to choose from. You can try out the specialty of the Mumbai called Bhel- puri. Dare not miss the mouth watering pani-puri, aaloo tikki and pao bhaji. After trying out some thika ( spicy) food, take the electrifying ice gola. Even Kulfi also tastes very sweet and cold. Apart from the vegetarian khana (cuisine) you can also enjoy the exotic sea food from the nearby restaurants.

Activities :
Tourists can enjoy the horse or the donkey ride at the Juhu Beach. Apart from these acrobats, dancing monkeys, cricket matches, toy sellers are the other attractions of the beach. You can also try out boating in its water. Girls could try out making various designs on their hands with henna (mehandi). Tourists can simply enjoy the leisure walk along the beach feeling its cool breeze directly on their faces. It is also the perfect destination for picnic. Kids could try their luck at the shooting galleries, can take fun rides and enjoy themselves at the the snake chambers. At night visitors can party hard at the beech with their friends without any restrictions.

Fairs and Festivals :
Tourists can enjoy the biggest festival of Mumbai called Ganesh Chaturthi on the Juhu beach. It falls on the fourth day of the Bhadrapada (between August and September). Ganesh Chaturthi rejoice the birth of lord Ganesh and celebrated continuously for ten days. The grand processions is carried out by the people, carrying the immense idol of the Lord Ganesh, which is immersed in the water. Shopping : Juhu beach is full of small shops selling various items. Tourists can shop for the handicrafts items like the seashells, gems, artificial jewellery items, books, goggles, hanker chiefs, flutes etc. You can buy balloons and other sports items for the children.

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