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About Freedom Firm in 78/85, Indu Sadan, Glenrock, Ooty

Currently, there are an estimated 500,000 minor girls in forced prostitution in India. These girls are tricked by false promises of a good job or sold by a relative into a brothel and then held as sexual slaves, who are then coerced into sex with many clients each day.

Deeply wounded, these girls need counseling and a strong support network to avoid returning to prostitution. Uneducated and often considered ineligible for marriage because of their sexual exploitation, rescued girls are in desperate need of basic education, medical care, and vocational training.

Freedom Firm is a non-profit organization dedicated to the liberation of children enslaved in commercial sexual exploitation, their effective rehabilitation, and to seek justice against those who have profited from their misery.

In 2000 Freedom Firm founders Greg and Mala Malstead moved their family to Mumbai, India. Greg as the Director of International Justice Mission (IJM), relocated to India in order opened IJM’s mission to reduce sex trafficking of Indian women.

Greg worked to establish IJM’s first overseas office and built a team of investigators, lawyers and social workers who partnered with local authorities to bring rescue and justice to victims of sex trafficking. In his five years with IJM Greg led and participated in interventions that resulted in the rescue of over 450 victims of sex trafficking. He assisted in the prosecution of more than 180 perpetrators and successfully attained convictions in 6 ground breaking cases.

While the rescue and legal work were vital, both Greg and his wife Mala wanted to engage in the rehabilitation of rescued girls in a deeper way. Combining Greg’s legal expertise with Mala’s creative passion and teaching background, the Malsteads envisioned an organization that not only rescued girls, and brought their perpetrators to justice, but one that worked to restore each girl’s physical, emotional and spiritual lives to fullness.

In 2006, Greg and Mala, with the support of friends, founded Freedom Firm.

Freedom Firm’s investigative team works to identify and rescue minor girls who have been trafficked and sold into slavery.

Once rescued, Freedom Firm’s Regional Aftercare Program, provides ongoing counseling and facilitates medical care, education, and certified training programs, ensuring that each girl is given the tools she needs for a life of self-worth and self-reliance outside of prostitution. The girls have the opportunity to further their studies and/or become employees in Freedom Firm’s micro-enterprise jewelry business and earn a fair wage that enables them to become financially independent.

Since our foundation in 2006, Freedom Firm has rescued over 400 women and girls from the commercial sex trade. We are actively involved in restoring these young women to lives of wholeness and purpose.

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