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About Net Shiksha in Darbar Road, Siwan

Net Shiksha is one of the leading digital Marketing Training Institutes in Bihar, specially in Siwan and Chapra region, whose primary goal is to help the students, Business Owners, House Wives etc to grow digitally.

Founded by some of the most experienced Digital Marketing Experts in 2016, Net Shiksha will teach you how can you get job in Indian Industry easily and how can you earn online at your own using Google Ad-sense, Affiliate Marketing, Blogging etc.

There will be more than 50 lacs jobs in Digital Marketing in India in coming few years and there will be lack of Digital Marketing Professionals, in that case you can easily get a good job with big brands and industries.

You can take a look at the glimpse of the Various Modules below:

Module I: Business, marketing & e-marketing
What is digital marketing?
Advantages of digital medium over other media
Digital medium in today's marketing plan

Module II: Search marketing
Basics of search marketing: organic & paid search results
Overview of Google AdWords
Keyword research and analysis
Tracking the success of SEM
Search Engine Optimization techniques
On-page & Off-page optimization

Module III: Web analytics
Digital measurement landscape
Introduction to Google Analytics
Interpreting the data in Google Analytics

Module IV: Social media marketing
Different social media channels
Social media for various businesses: B2C & B2B
Measuring social media ROI
Content marketing: Storytelling in social media

Module V: Email marketing
The basics of email marketing
The concept of A/B testing & its use in email marketing

Module VI: Display marketing
Different kinds of display marketing
The display marketing ecosystem
Retargeting & dynamic retargeting

Module VII: Mobile Marketing
Different kinds of mobile marketing
The mobile marketing ecosystem

Module VII: Affiliate Marketing
Introduction to affiliate marketing
Benefits of Affiliate marketing
Choosing best ROI Generating Affiliate Networks

Module VIII: Google Adsense
introduction to Google Adsense
Running a successfull Google Adsense
How to earn money using Google Adsense

Feel free to get in touch in case you have any queries via direct message, email or call.

Team Net Siksha

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