Centre for International Trade and Economic Laws

Centre for International Trade and Economic Laws

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+91 130 3057915 citel@jgu.edu.in www.jgls.edu.in/citel

OP Jindal Global University, Sonipat, India - 131001

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About Centre for International Trade and Economic Laws in OP Jindal Global University, Sonipat

Centre for International Trade and Economic Laws (CITEL) is an academic research centre affiliated to Jindal Global Law School (JGLS), O.P. Jindal Global University (JGU). CITEL was founded in 2009. The centre has been able to develop into what it is today due to the vision of the faculty members who always strive for providing the efficient knowledge in the field of international trade and economic laws.

CITEL is known to be the scholarly home of international trade law, investment law and economic law at JGU. It provides the perfect space for intellectual interchange in the above areas.


CITEL aims to bring together LEADING experts in international trade law and other economic laws from various parts of the world and India to foster an open minded enquiry on some of the key issues pertaining to this field – an initiative which has no successful parallel in India. It focuses on current issues relating to international trade law & investment law and supports an interdisciplinary approach while critically analyzing the decisions of government and international bodies, treaty negotiations as well as important decisions of courts and quasi-judicial bodies.

International Economic Law

CITEL emphasizes research into fundamental systematic problems which falls broadly within the domain of international economic law. International economic law encompasses broad range of subjects which include trade in goods and services, investment law, financial law, economic integration, development law, business regulation and intellectual property.

The Centre emphasizes in-depth research on fundamental, long-term and topical issues which concerns international economic laws and various domestic economic legislations based on interdisciplinary approaches. An important focus is aimed on the nature of rule-making and the implementation at the multilateral level.

International Trade Law

International trade law delves on the importance of trade policy as well as trade laws governing trade of goods and services across national borders. It is a rapidly growing area in the field of international law. Therefore, it is important to move with the pace of development in the subject by initiating bright and talented students as well as aspiring researchers to come-up with ground-breaking research this field.

CITEL aims to critically examine important policy decisions pertaining to the World Trade Organization (WTO), regional trade policy frameworks, and treaty negotiation outcomes as well as decisions of courts, tribunals and quasi-judicial bodies pertaining to international trade law. The center aims to assist the policy makers through inter-disciplinary and in-depth research in making informed decisions on various aspects of trade negotiations and dispute settlement matters.

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