Asha Dham Ashram

Asha Dham Ashram

964 23 Charity Organization


Ashadham Ashram, B-Block, Sajjan Nagar, Mullatalai, Udaipur, India - 313001

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About Asha Dham Ashram in Ashadham Ashram, B-Block, Sajjan Nagar, Mullatalai, Udaipur

Asha Dham Ashram in Udaipur is an effort of goodwill of the people to come forward and help the destitute, the unwanted and the uncared for. To help them feel the warmth and love of God, find meaning and happiness in life, and feel that they are loved and cared for. All people of goodwill are welcome to join in this movement.

In 1997, Sister Damian and Sister Bernadette, from the Prabhudasi Sisters of Ajmer, started helping these people of Udaipur. On the roads of Udaipur they found a beggar woman who had broken bones and whose hands and legs were rotting. Due to the bad smell nobody was prepared to go near her to help her. Under their initiative she was carried to the hospital for proper treatment and care.

Shortly after, Sister Cleophas joined them. In this way this Ashram for love and care was started and local people helped in all possible ways. The Bishop of Udaipur, Rev. Joseph Pathalil also gave them help by providing them with rooms at St. Paul's school campus. In a few days the number of shelterless people increased leading to shortage of accommodation.

In June 1999, the Bishop provided some land and a small building for this Society and now the Ashram functions in this place.

Since 2002, Help Age India has been providing necessary medicines every Monday through its mobile van.

In 2003, on request of Mr. Rajendra Kumbhat on behalf of the Ashram, the then Chief Minister Mr. Ashok Gehlot bought an ambulance for the Ashram. A tin shed was also made where the inmates sit, take food and relax in all seasons.

A dispensary was constructed with the biannual assistance of Udaipur Cooperative Bank Ltd. Tables, chairs and curtains were also provided by the Bank.

Residents are kept engaged in different activates such as worm composting, gardening, working cattle and running the biogas plant operation.

It is a Herculean task to fulfill the requirements of all our residents, but all things are being performed by volunteers through their dedication and humanitarian attitude. Through the love and affection of volunteers, all tasks related to residents are being dealt with.

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