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Shiv Sharnam Seva Sansthan, Ujjain, India - 456006

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About Dasham Sthanam Astro Services in Shiv Sharnam Seva Sansthan, Ujjain

Karmaniye vadhika raste ma faleshu kadachan,…..!
The principle of karma, the importance of karma has been very well documented In Bhagwat Geeta by shrikrishna. And also confirmed by the thoughts of Upnishada, that we cannot remain idle even for a split of second without the karma.
Without the implementation, the karmic part knowledge and expertise are of no use and remain just theoretical subjects.
Tenth house in the janmkundli is the house of karma and its potential is based according to the knowledge and expertise of the person in a particular field is understood by the Principles of Astrology.
Most the principles in Astrology about all the houses in janmkundli are based on the prediction part, where some part explains about the tangible assets and achievements and some part about the intangible, like what is predicted there for future as fixed prediction.
But the tenth house of janmkundli is interlinked with the karmic part of the life and some work can be done on this ,improvement can be made ,future can be planned , the direction of life ,direction of knowledge ,expertise can be made on the basis of the tenth house.
So the way is hidden in tenth house for bringing the change in future irrespective of the fixed predictions based on the principles of Astrology, and this is based on this house of karma the expertise.
To ensure the optimum usage of the knowledge and the expertise is understood by the analyses and working on the tenth house.

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